Access Hatch Covers:

Stainless steel access hatch covers are corrosion resistant and easy to clean and sanitize. Silvertech Saudi Stainless Steel We provide durable, sturdy high corrosion resistant access into walls, ceilings, and service shafts suitable for external areasSilvertech Saudi can also be purchased in a non-lockable form that features concealed touch latches. Stainless steel frame, door panel, Single and double door options, Flange options, and Lock options.  Leaving a neat opening around the perimeter with durable locks and made locally and fully customization.


Column Cladding:

Silvertech Saudi provides sheet metal construction solutions that are in a continuance of the designers’ visions. Our silver tech Saudi experience includes accommodations for stainless steel Floor Drains projects with column cladding. Our engineering abilities or other new technologies provide design ideas, design assistance, and manufacturing in line with the projects. Stainless Steel Column Cladding covers are an essential part of a building functionally.  Reinforced concrete structures, or steel-reinforced concrete structures, most columns are covered by cladding for design.  It is flexible, stable, durable, workable, sturdy, and available in a variety of perfect polishing finishes. Column Claddings are chosen for their flexibility in design options with sheet metal fabrication.


Wall Mirror Frames:

You just bought new wall mirror frames and bedroom furniture and need a dresser mirror? Silvertech Saudi has wall mirror frames that beautifully reflect your home’s style. If you need wall mirror frames for a bathroom renovation? A stainless steel wall mirror frame is the perfect way to punctuate the new look over your sink. If you make a space appear bigger, a large mirror can instantly create that illusion. It’s working well in bedrooms or closets to adjust to different angles. The over the door mirror also provides the full-length SS products design you want. It brings more light into a space and acts as an alternative to wall art. If you are in search of wall mirror frames or a full-length mirror. Silvertech Saudi has a variety of shapes and sizes and it is easy to find the one that’s perfect for you.


Wall Mounted Wash Basin:

The wall-mounted washbasin island hood fits well in an open kitchen with a cooking island. This wall-mounted washbasin is equipped with two 3-layer washable stainless steel Floor Drains, SS products grease filters to protect, and the exhaust pipe from grease. The wall-mounted washbasin has 3 variable speeds to ensure a wall-mounted washbasin. If the interior and external extraction transfers cooking odors to the outside with the help of the included exhaust pipe, assembly is easy. Stainless Steel with installation as countertop and cooking island with Colour: Silver and Easy to assemble. A charcoal filter included with two 3-layer washable stainless steel grease filters.


Stainless Steel Island Hood:

Silvertech Saudi is a stainless steel island cooker hood.‎  Possibility to install the stainless steel island hood for maximum effectiveness.‎ The stainless steel Floor Drains, SS products, and glass LED lights.



The intensive speed with function activates maximum aspiration for 6 minutes to meet special cooking needs.‎ The stainless steel motor guarantees considerable energy saving with high extraction efficiency.‎ Its performance remains stable in any usage condition.‎ Stainless Steel Island Hood filter substitutes the anti-odor filter with a saturation alarm that warns you when it is time to clean the anti-grease filter or. It allows the hood to be switched on for 24 hours a day for continuous air filtration with a low level of noise that led light which guarantees a perfect lighting with just 3 watts of consumption with remote control. Stainless Steel Floor Drains, SS products, Island hoods delayed switch off allows automatic delayed switching off of the motor to complete elimination of residual odors.‎