Stainless Steel Island Hood

Stainless Steel Island Hood are a part of any modern kitchen nowadays. The commercial kitchen bakeries are mostly being built have island hood installed according to the size of the kitchen or bakery. They keep the bakery odour or smoke free and removes oil residue or grease. They also comes with light that you can use to cook your food in different conditions.

Island chimney hoods are available in different designs. Most commonly stainless steel island hood is used for their creation.  Island hoods are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to match your bakery and also available in a variety of colours for your commercial kitchen.

Commercial bakery stainless steel island chimney hoods are easily mountable and adjustable on walls despite their size as it is very compatible. These are used in commercial kitchens where a different varieties of food is being cooked. They can be switched on/off using remote control. For small kitchens are smaller in size but the functionality is the same and can easily fit in small kitchens in small apartments or studio apartments.

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Key Features:


Stainless Steel Island range hoods stand above with their powerful high speed fan removing cooking odours, smoke and vapour from your commercial kitchen, while fine filters oil and grease from air. When very high air extraction is required stainless Steel island hoods is your choice which is built to exacting professional cooker hood Saudi Arabia standards. It is adjustable flue to Ceiling Your preferred height with LED lighting. Stainless steel Island hoods are dishwasher safe filters.



When active, the island hood will operate at a higher speed for 10 minutes and then the speed will automatically turn down to speed 3. The twin turbine high velocity centrifugal fan, optional in-line motor is available to assist air flow.



Stainless Steel Island hood provides low noise and powerful island range hood is effectively extracting smoke, oil, grease, moisture and even heat from your commercial kitchen or bakery. Stainless steel island hood is combined with a sleek, curved tempered steel canopy, giving your commercial kitchen or bakery a stylish and modern look.

This stainless steel island hood is equipped with two/three layer washable stainless steel oil or grease filters to protect the inside of the extractor hood. The built-in LED lights provide illumination which helps with cooking and also to create a nice sizzling look in your kitchen. The extractor stainless steel island hood has three variable speeds to ensure that you have a full control over the extraction variable rates release the cleaned air back into the commercial kitchen. The assembly and installation is very easy. The stainless steel island hood fits very well in an open kitchen or bakery with a cooking island and also be used if you do not have a cooking island.


Statement with an Island Range Hood:


If you have an island range, it is really easy to make a bold statement in your commercial kitchen with a stainless steel island hood. The hoods are available in a variety of styles and finishes, stainless steel island hood reduce odours while cooking. The Stainless steel island hood is one of most popular choice. It is important to keep the size proportional and not overwhelm your stainless steel island hood range island.

Silvertech Saudi Company has transformed the commercial kitchen through design, introduces its first Black Stainless Steel island hood. Island hood is a sleek aesthetic with innovative features and technology, and a smoke-grey stainless steel hoods that delicately curves over the island cooktop. Silvertech Saudi now has the most diverse Black Stainless Steel hood offering on the market.

Stainless Steel Filters:


Smoky fumes and cooking odours can removed with the Stainless Steel Island Hood. Stainless Steel Island hood with high performance efficient motors, the stainless steel island hood provides steady and filtered extraction of smokes and oil or grease to keep your cooktop area clean and fresh after every use. The extraction speed can be adjusted accordingly to your needs. Additional features includes stainless steel filters that are removable and replaceable and LED lighting to help you with cooking. The stainless steel island hood is wall mounted and the chimney can be adjusted to fit the installation space as it is easy to install.

Online Shopping:


Stainless Steel Island hoods are readily available and we stock them exclusively for our customers. Our products are rechecked during manufacturing and cutting the stainless products and tested prior to packaging. You can contact us if you have issues with our product and we will resolve it as quick as possible.

Stainless Steel Island Cooker Hoods are widely popular island hood due to open plan living and the need for your island hood we manufacture and supply colour to match the commercial kitchen. Stainless Steel Island hoods gives a high tech look which is stunning and will match any kitchen or bakery. We serve areas in Riyadh and across Saudi Arabia. We have a very talented team of workers for installation of your products.

Stainless Steel Island hood is a stylish addition to commercial kitchen or bakery which keeps your home free from smokes and odours and keeps the air fresh. We have a lot of stylist designs to choose from.

The Stainless Steel Island hood is essentially a range hood that hangs from the ceiling of your commercial kitchen or bakery. The island hoods are ideal for large/small and open commercial kitchens or bakeries because they effectively filter out oil, grease, smoke, fumes, kitchen exhaust, and the dreadful food odours.