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Stainless steel SS claddings, wash basin in Saudi Arabia, a robust hand basin. Therefore suits light commercial projects and public amenities. The washbasin includes two soap recesses and a tap landing with tap holes. In the same vein wash basin dimension is 60*50*60. Firstly, custom stainless steel SS claddings, wash basin fabrication combines variable materials.  Secondly, it provides a fixture suited to the individual project.  Their various applications include, for example, commercial kitchens and public areas, and education facilities.

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Having 20 years of experience, so Silvertech Saudi commits to our customers. Hence it offers a unique experience for our customers.


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Above all our team is specially trained to assist with all our customer’s needs. We commit to making stainless steel suppliers in saudi arabia. For example, purchasing, delivery, and product maintenance are quick, easy, and stress-free. Moreover our selection of commercial stainless steel SS claddings, wash basin is perfect for any business.  Subsequently as hotel, restaurant, fast food outlet, cafe, hospitals production kitchen, and public areas. Certainly, this wall-mounted washbasin is a round-shaped corner hand basin. In short, that features a mirror polish finish comes complete with fixing clips and is easy to install.  For instance, this Stainless Steel Hand Basin comes in the dimension of 60 Wide × 50 Deep × 60 High drain hole. On the other hand, this knee-operated stainless steel washbasin provides a hygienic solution to hand washing. The Stainless steel SS claddings, wash basin in our opinion has a pure look than other ranges in this finish.

This does look dashing when you put taps from two different ranges together.  As we have done in our catalog. These Stainless Steel products are leading in the industry in this colour not only for the quality of manufacturing and design. As it is made from stainless steel with a brushed finish looks no plating involve and is not made of brass. Modern stainless Steel SS claddings, wash basins, sleek space-saving solutions for bathrooms and other applications. Bottle trap provides an opportunity to add chrome or matte black accent to your place. Make an impressive look in your bathroom with our Wall Mounted Basins. It increases the feeling of space in your bathroom overall. We provide our customers with high-quality floating designs to find the iconic piece waiting to join your dream bathroom. 


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The compact stainless steel wall-mounted sink is small. That you use every smallest nook and corner or cranny in your kitchen. Incredibly sturdy stainless Steel wall-mounted sinks are fully stainless steel making them long-lasting. Hence it is easy to clean and shiny polish gives a pleasant look. Taps made of stainless steel fit wherever you like to fix it on the sink or the wall and it’s up to you. Dimensions of the stainless steel wall-mounted wash basin are 60*50*60.

Elegant stainless steel Hand Basin comes to this modern circular hand basin, a fantastic option for any kitchen, restaurant, hotel, bakery, and public area. Custom-designed round stainless steel utility bowl offers a lavishing and durable feel to your kitchen. High-quality grade stainless steel is customized to meet the highest standard of Saudi Arabia. Brass polish finish tops an incredible product inside and out. Hand basins made of stainless steel comes in handy with their compact size. Ideal stainless steel wall-mounted washbasins have vast applications in medical and dental uses as utility bowls, wash sinks, or scrub stations. Types of stainless steel basins have vast application in public areas as stainless steel hand wash basins.

It has its huge application in small spaces where a bigger sink just won’t work. You can trust us, the uses and benefits of this small stainless steel sink are endless, so not only does it look high-tech modern look. We would like to join in that same passion for premium sinks at incredible prices. Our customers are offered an excellent high-quality stainless steel range of Wash Basin. Qualitative range stainless steel wash Basins are manufactured from raw materials and ss grating suppliers in saudi. This stainless steel wall-mounted Wash Basin offers a variety of designs, shapes, sizes, and colours. Our Wash Basin is available at the most competitive prices.


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Our Silvertech Saudi is highly recognized as the most trusted manufacturer and supplier of kitchenware and bathroom wares such as stainless steel kitchen sinks and wall-mounted Wash Basins. Our products use high-quality stainless steel raw material and advanced technology at our modern manufacturing facility. 

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Our stainless steel products are extensively among our esteemed clients due to their low maintenance, sturdy construction, high durability, and corrosion-resistant finish. By keeping in mind the varied demands of clients, we offer our products as per customized specifications.

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The Silvertech Saudi stainless steel wall-mounted basin is the perfect way to invite luxury into your smaller spaces. It gives you peace of mind that the product will look beautiful for years to come.

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If you planning to order stainless steel wall-mounted washbasin. It is therefore of utmost importance to choose the right material and complements that guarantee the space functionality without overlooking it. Once you sort out the positioning of the element,  possible to choose the stainless steel wall-mounted wash basin’s extremely wide array that includes iconic models, now for decades and yet trendy. It allows to clean and sanitize the sink with the help of technology. A very well-planned stainless steel wall-mounted wash basin can contribute to making the environment more functional and aesthetically appealing while allowing freedom of choice in a way to respond to any style-related need.

Wall-mounted wash basins clean and simple design, rounded edges prevent injury, vandal-resistant, shrouded basin, with no tap hole, supplied with waste and trap, without overflow, concealed trap. Supplied with fixing elements for a market that complies and brick wall with Saudi Arabian standard. Stainless Steel Wall-mounted washbasin with a basin internal diameter with thick bacteriologist 304 or 316 stainless steel, perfect polishing satin finish. Hot water offers at the right temperature. There should be stainless steel wash hand basins designed for handwashing only. Stainless steel grating island materials for hygienic drying have near them. The stainless steel wall-mounted wash basin paper towels or other materials. 


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The stainless steel wall-mounted washbasins fit in a way that food handlers can access them with ease. It includes antibacterial soap and unscented soap. Both cold and hot water provide a knee-operated mixing valve, single inlet spout, and hoses. The dispenser fits or a stainless steel wall-mounted wash basin blanking plate is supplied.  Wall-mounted wash hand basins are that these basin units are fully spotted welds including aprons to save installation time on site. The stainless steel wall-mounted washbasin unit fits on the wall by keyhole slots on the back. Our stainless steel wall-mounted wash basins product is a completely combine overflow waste kit. 

The clean cuts, beautiful curves, and perfectly polished satin finish of the wall-mounted washbasin make it a great addition for both classic and contemporary kitchens. Made from heavy-gauge steel, these stainless steel washbasins including pedestal washbasins and stainless steel washbasins without pedestals are highly durable and completely scratch-proof. Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Wash Basins are the highest quality 304 or 316 stainless steel SS Gratings. Meanwhile, wash basin designs that provide, whilst being ergonomically designed for optimum ease of handwashing with the ultimate in hygiene.  So, all standard Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Hand Wash Basins comply with hygiene, health, and regulations, ideal for any sanitary application. Moreover, the Stainless Steel Wall Mounted Hand Wash Basin is the ideal solution where space limits all are incredibly simple to install and maintain.  

Stainless Steel Wall Mount Sinks:

Therefore, our wall-mounted washbasin stainless steel sinks are ideal for restaurants, hotels, dormitories, airports and public lavatory uses. Consequently, high exposure, places with high traffic, and the need for durability where the silver tech Saudi brand is found. As a result, wall mount sinks stainless steel by the silver tech Saudi brand to be tough and durable. Wash basin designers,  architects, and specifying engineers for wall-mounted wash basin sink.


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Consequently, hand hygiene is the importance of handwashing, paramount to stop the transmission of nasty germs and infections amongst your employees, pupils, and the public. On the other hand, proper hygiene is easy to promote with the right fixtures and fittings, and here at Silvertech Saudi essentials, has the very best range of handwashing basins on offer in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. In the same vein, the focal point for the room, bacteria, and acts as a vital gatekeeper for germs stopping them from spreading around your premises.


SS Gratings, wash basin:

In other words, wall-mounted Wash Basin Stainless Steel Taphole with support washbasin supplied from grade 304 or 316 stainless steel, the washbasin is with two tap holes and as standard with a waste and overflow fitting, plug, and chain, hygienic vandal-resistant design, for ease of cleaning and hygiene an integral rear upstand is incorporated in the top of the washbasin and taps showed are for illustration purposes, surfaces polished to a satin finish in one piece without joints or crevices.


Traditional Style Bathrooms:

Firstly, traditional style bathrooms or in bathrooms in older houses. The Saudi Arabian only users of basin pillar taps. Its popularity in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, however, decline as all new flats, public or private. Built after the 2001’s have hot water supply pipes provided. Most commonly seen tap around due to the tropical climate where the temperature of pipe water is at a comfortable 25-30 degrees Celsius all year round. 

Most importantly, it is often something that confuses foreign visitors who choose to wash their hands with either scalding hot water or cold water.  On the other hand, stainless steel, wall-mounted wash basin pillar taps. Certainly, in this part of the world, namely Saudi Arabia, pillar taps are sometimes known as Mono Tap or Cold Tap, even if you might know what they call. Therefore not available on our website e-shop. Further, Silvertech Saudi is everyone familiar with wall-mounted wash basin pillar taps, you have two taps, one for hot water and one for cold. 


Stainless Steel Recessed Drain Covers:

Similarly, stainless steel recessed drain covers have a range of steel materials with stainless steel worktops. Likewise, a great addition to this home is the utility room which is, stainless steel sink and drain with a mixer tap, plumbed for a washer and dryer, and a door to the downstairs toilet. In addition, bedrooms could fit a double bed and are enough for modern family life. Half sink with floor drain Stainless steel SS Gratings. That is to say, the master bedroom most importantly fits wardrobes. To sum up, the en-suite has a wall-mounted wash basin. To sum up with mixer tap, corner shower with mixer tap, and rinse head. In addition, you can rock out in the downstairs music room. In conclusion, we also have it as a gaming den or playroom for the kids.