Your Reliable Stainless Steel Partner
Your Reliable Stainless Steel Partner
Your Reliable Stainless Steel Partner

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Located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Silvertech Saudi with an experienced management team at the helm, brings a wealth of expertise to the field. Our focus on excellence allows us to deliver exceptional products and services to our valued customers. Stainless steel gratings and steel gratings are strong choices for various needs. Whether it’s a metal grate, floor grating, or serrated grating, these options provide durability. Fiberglass grating, like FRP and GRP grating, offers a lightweight alternative, while heavy-duty grating suits robust industrial demands. Stainless steel handrails and FRP handrails are popular choices for safety and aesthetics. Whether it’s for stairs or balconies, stainless steel railings are durable and come in various grades like 304, with prices often determined by weight. If affordability is a concern, comparing steel railing prices per kg can help in making an informed decision. 

Steel ladders and FRP ladders serve as sturdy access solutions, catering to diverse needs. For cable management, FRP cable ladders provide reliable solutions to organize and support cables efficiently. In a modern kitchen, stainless steel kitchen tables, sinks, and cabinets play vital roles. Efficiently designed with features like an under cabinet range hood and island hood, along with a steel sink, they create a functional and stylish stainless steel kitchen environment. With additional elements such as kitchen racks, trolleys, and dish racks, along with dining table sets like a round dining table or extendable dining table, the kitchen transforms into a versatile space for cooking and dining. Grease traps and sink strainers also ensure cleanliness, making the kitchen a comfortable and organized hub. 

Floor drains, such as stainless steel floor drains, are essential for efficient water drainage in various spaces. Alongside, access doors and panels, including ceiling access panels, provide convenient entry points for maintenance and inspection, ensuring smooth functionality and easy up keep. Stainless steel items like trolleys, dustbins, and crockery holder tables are prized for their durability and modern look. Trolleys offer mobility and storage, while dustbins keep spaces clean with their rust-resistant design. Crockery holder tables merge style with functionality, providing an organized solution for dinnerware.

Year of Success

Since we established our business in 2001, we have had experience & still growing day by day.


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Services Offered

Looking to renovate your kitchen? Start with a visit to the kitchen supply shop for appliances, cookware, and more. For custom touches, consult a metal fabricator, who can create everything from stainless steel countertops to railings. Don’t forget your drainage needs or the finishing touches like polishing from a metal finisher. Shearing machines excel in precision cutting of metal sheets, delivering clean and straight edges swiftly. Meanwhile, bending machines are crucial for shaping metal sheets into desired angles and curves. Together, these machines play vital roles in metal fabrication, enhancing efficiency and quality in diverse industries.

We offer a range of services to meet your diverse needs. As a skilled Steel Fabricator, our Metal Workshop specializes in Sheet Metal Fabrication. Our expertise extends to being a Manufacturing and industrial Consultant, providing valuable insights. We enhance projects as a Metal Finisher and Metal Polisher. Additionally, we provide services like Kitchen Renovation, Drainage, Laser Cutting, and Customs Warehousing for a complete solution package.


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To uphold stringent standards, we conduct regular audits of all our suppliers in accordance with the local guide program.

Quality Standards

At Silvertech Saudi, we offer a full-fledged quality regime that covers all aspects of our products. Moreover, our products are not only affordable but also highly convenient to use. With streamlined processes and a dedicated team, we ensure efficient delivery within a matter of days.

Modern Technique

Silvertech Saudi is a trusted supplier of stainless steel gratings. We have established ourselves as a prominent player in the industry, known for our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our competitive edge in stainless steel manufacturing is undeniable, setting us apart on a global scale.

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Brilliant Ideas With Excellent Work - SS Grating Suppliers in Saudi

We are committed to our growth and development. Our goal is to build a range of items to meet our customers’ expectations. But we offer more than what it is.

As a result, our projects were supplied to Baja Food Industries, Carrefour Mall, ITCC Riyadh Project, Faw Water Factory Al-Kharj, and Jeddah Deco.


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We are awarded for our durability, capability, and strength. Silvertech middle east is committed to our growth and development. Our goal is to build a range of items to meet our customers’ expectations. and we offer more than what it is.