Your Reliable Stainless Steel Partner
Your Reliable Stainless Steel Partner
Your Reliable Stainless Steel Partner

Who We Are


In short, Silvertech is stainless steel factory that manufactures and Saudi SS Grating Suppliers and in addition with high-quality stainless steel products in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Subsequently at an affordable price range with an experienced management team in this field.

Year of Success

Since we established our business in 2001. Moreover, we have had experience & still a growing day by day.


Expert SS gratings, Floor Drains Silvertech Saudi Sheet Metal Fabrication

SS Grating: 

Firstly stainless steel (silverpoint) company products are manufactured and supplied with sheet metal fabrication. So products that can benefit consequently from stainless steel’s alloy makeup.  On the other hand, SS gratings, Floor Drains and ss claddings are usually made with kitchen sinks. Similarly in kitchen appliances, garden equipment, furniture, building structures, escalators, tableware and cutlery, cookware, vehicles. Above all food manufacturing machinery, equipment, and fuel chemical tankers. As a result, ss grating suppliers in Saudi, Saudi SS Grating Suppliers with high chromium and in addition nickel-alloy grades further, that is to say, can withstand high temperatures. 

Similarly to clarify stainless steel products can retain strength and toughness. Certainly, stainless steel is easy to clean and similarly is unaffected by germs. Consequently, other stainless steel products have been heat-treated and in short to make very high-strength components. Likewise stainless steel SS gratings, Floor Drains products are completely recyclable. For instance, stainless steel products are the green material( “garden furniture”) par excellence. 


Stainless Steel Suppliers in Saudi Arabia:


Further, in the construction sector, above all its actual recovery rate is 100%. Including energy more importantly in building, medicine, transportation. To sum up research, food, and logistics. In addition, the proper 304 or 316 stainless steel grades. Meanwhile, types for environments with specific uses. After that our Saudi steel company products parts of long-lasting results most importantly with optimizing costs. Similarly, stainless steel is used for various applications and around the house. In other words, our products with an exceptional life cycle cost. During the manufacturing process, that is to say, are used for garden furniture, kitchen surfaces, and even fireplaces. 

After that stainless steel tech products similarly SS gratings, Floor Drains, stainless steel recessed drain covers, steel pipe bollards, steel roads are generally selected. For example,  corrosion resistance durability, aesthetic appearance, and hygiene. In addition, safety properties render kitchen equipment suppliers in Saudi that is environmentally safe. In the same vein, we are a privately owned stainless steel fabrication work and on the other hand, operated Saudi Arabian silver stainless production plant company with friendly service. In conclusion, who are passionate about the stainless steel industry.


We Manage Quality Assurance Stainless Steel Industrial Project

Our Suppliers

So all our suppliers are regularly in short audited to maintain strict standards with local program guide.

Quality Standards

Similarly, Silver tech Saudi offers you a full-fledged quality regime. In addition, our products are affordable and make them convenient to use. For instance, we know what you need and above all , we are ready to deliver within days.

Modern Technique

As a result, Silvertech Saudi is known for its quality standard saudi steel sheet metal fabrication near me. In conclusion, we stand for the most competitive stainless steel manufacturing in the world.

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Brilliant Ideas With Excellent Work - SS Grating Suppliers in Saudi

Above all, we are awarded for our durability, capability, and strength. On the other hand, we are committed to our growth and development. Moreover, our goal is to build a range of items to meet our customers’ expectations. But we offer more than what it is.

As a result, our projects were supplied to Baja Food Industries, Carrefour Mall, ITCC Riyadh Project, Faw Water Factory Al-Kharj, Jeddah Decor.


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Similarly, we are awarded for our durability, capability, and strength. Most importantly Silvertech middle east is committed to our growth and development. To clarify our goal is to build a range of items to meet our customers’ expectations. For instance, we offer more than what it is.