FRP & GRP Gratings

FRP & GRP Gratings Supplier in Saudi Arabia

FRP & GRP gratings are exceptionally versatile and durable solutions for various industrial and commercial applications. Moreover, these gratings boast a lightweight nature, making them easy to handle and install, and exhibit outstanding corrosion resistance, rendering them ideal for outdoor usage in challenging environments. Furthermore, their non-conductive properties make them a safe choice for electrical installations. In conclusion, these gratings present a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials.


  • Industrial Flooring, Walkways, and Platforms

  • Marine, Coastal Structures, and Drainage Covers

  • Ventilation Platforms, Stair Treads, and Ramps

  • Chemical Processing Industry and Protective Barriers

  • Architectural Elements and Transportation Sector

These applications illustrate the broad range of uses in various industries and settings

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