Grease Interceptor

Stainless Steel Grease Interceptor in Saudi Arabia

Silvertech Saudi - Stainless Steel Grease Trap or Interceptor in Riyadh
Silvertech Saudi - SS Grease Trap or Interceptor in Riyadh

SS Grease Trap / Interceptor Covers:

Grease Interceptor is important for keeping drains from getting clogged in homes and businesses. We make stainless steel interceptors that help prevent blockages in the plumbing system. Our stainless steel interceptors are really strong and last a long time. They don’t get damaged easily and can handle tough conditions. They also won’t rust or corrode, which is helpful.

We can make the interceptors in different sizes based on how much water needs to flow through them. This means they work well for both small homes and big buildings. By using the right size interceptor, you can stop problems with water and keep things running smoothly. Using our stainless steel interceptors help we make sure that water drains properly and doesn’t cause trouble. They’re a reliable and easy way to prevent clogs and expensive repairs.

TypeGrease Interceptor/Oil Interceptor/Solid Waste Interceptor
MaterialStainless Steel AISI 304/ 304 L/ 316/ 316 L Grade
FinishPolished /Brush

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