Terms & Conditions

Welcome to www.silvertechsaudi.com. This Website provides our customers with an opportunity to purchase various products through the Website products. The Website provides this service by way of granting you access to the content on the Website services.

This Terms & Conditions describes how silvertechsaudi.com collects, uses, and discloses your Personal Information when you visit or make a purchase from the Site.

When you visit silvertechsaudi.com, we require a few details about your requirements and information necessary to process your purchases. We will get additional details if you contact us for client support. In this Terms & Conditions, we refer to any details that can uniquely identify an individual as “Personal Information”. See the list below for more details about what Personal details we collect and why.

Return & Refund Policy:

At Silvertech Saudi, we take great care in offering the highest standards of stainless steel high-quality products to our customers. Our products are highly sturdy and not affected by many different climatic conditions. Our expert team strives to maintain the highest quality stainless steel products. If necessary substitute materials with the best alternative available. Cancellation of orders requires a minimum of 24-hour notice. If the products have already been arranged by the time of cancellation, a fee of 80% of the order price will apply. 

We cannot process any refunds if the orders are already on-board for delivery. In certain situations, if an order is not processed or delivered, a new order will be re-sent to the destination. If requested a full refund will be processed into the customer’s purchase account. We do not refund if any order information is incomplete or incorrect given by the clients. If any stainless steel quality issues please call us right away. For new additions or any suggestions, please do not neglect to call us. We strive to deliver our best customer service experience. Our products are very sturdy and need to be carefully looked after, so to maximize the lifespan of your installations, the following care instructions are required. 

Delivery Policy:

Silvertech Saudi delivers in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in time, excluding public holidays. Please check that the person who orders will be at the specified location on the day of your order. And you provided the correct delivery address and contact details of the recipient. If wrong delivery information is given, new delivery charges will apply and re-delivery on the same day cannot be guaranteed.

If you require flowers to be delivered at a specific time of day please contact Silvertech Saudi on 00966 55 060 7267. Please advise of any special instructions e.g. security gate. This will incur further delivery charges. Same-day re-delivery cannot be guaranteed. Once the items have been delivered, Silvertech Saudi will not accept liability for any loss or damage if items are lost, stolen, or damaged after delivery has taken place.

Privacy Statement:

Silvertech Saudi gets your personal information for providing a specific product or service requested by the clients. Customer details are required to provide this product or service, such as the full name of the customer and e-mail address, billing address, recipient, authorized users, and contact phone numbers.